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Afrique One next step
17.02.2016 Auteur : Prof Bassirou Bonfoh Director Consortium Afrique One
Prof Bassirou Bonfoh

Dear readers,

In Africa, research partnership is key in health intervention through shared science combined actions from different disciplines and regions. The current newsletter report on activities comprising training, meeting as well as publication and grant awards. The consortium Afrique promoted a comprehensive module for researcher named “learning package”. These modules are provided to African research institutions on demand and through regular summer schools.
The 8th Afrique One management board meeting assessed the progress and plan to go for a second step together with the Wellcome Trust by applying for the new grant scheme (WT DELTAS initiative). We base the application on the 5 years achievements and on potential, opportunities and gaps described within the process of internal audit and cross-evaluation. The application is validated for submission and the entire consortium ceased the opportunity to strengthen the capacity on the fellows in supervision and mentorship. So far Afrique
One is moving to more autonomy with the number of grants mobilized by the members. We look for more projects and publications in the near future!
Good Reading and warmest regards.

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Prof Bassirou Bonfoh
Director Consortium Afrique One
Afrique One next step
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